[OSGeo-Discuss] registration at foss4g

andrea antonello andrea.antonello at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 06:45:31 PDT 2008

Hi, that will sound strange, but indeed I have some problems in
registering at Foss4g.

I did my registration process with a workshop presenter code, which
should mean I have full discount (do both workshop predenters have
full discount?).
Well, the registration ended up in... nothing. No "great, you
subscribed" or similar. Now, after some time, this email comes (ok,
the header tells me they had some problems) in which I am asked to
send a fax and do my payment by means of today to get the early bird.
Since one of the presenters probably will have to pay, I tried to
understand from the website, tried to contact organisers and
reviewers, but got no answer.

Since no one else is bothering, I assume I'm the only one with this problem.
So could someone with clear ideas in mind give me some feedback please?


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