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Andy Turner A.G.D.Turner at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Mar 3 06:36:20 PST 2008

Sorry, this was a bit big and awaited email list moderator approval. I
cancelled and put the GIS Specification document at the following URL:
3/03/GIS Specification.doc
03/03/GIS Specification.doc> 

From: Andy Turner 
Sent: 03 March 2008 14:14
To: 'OSGeo Discussions'
Cc: Stephen Carver; 'cso at jmt.org'
Subject: FW: GIS for JMT

Hi OSGeo Community (cc Steve, Mike),
Sorry if I should have posted this elsewhere.
My colleague Steve Carver has been approached by Mike Daniels from a
charitable organisation (John Muir Trust) for a GIS solution to managing
its data and collaborative working. I am sure that an OSGeo software
stack with some consultancy and training is the best option. I asked to
forward the invite to tender to this list. Is anyone interested? If so,
you can contact Mike Daniels direct. There may also be some
collaborators with links to the University of Leeds that might be
interested in working up a proposal.
Is there documentation for a similar OSGeo Use Case? Is there
documentation on similar invites to tender and offered solutions?
I've sent this on without finding a service registry with lists of
consulting companies. I think such a thing exists, but I didn't find it
with a quick search...
I am interested to know what solution is put in place, but personally
don't have time to contribute to such an effort right now.
Best wishes,



From: Stephen Carver 
Sent: 03 March 2008 12:20
To: Andrew Evans; Andy Turner; stevetaylor82 at gmail.com; 'Justin
Washtell'; 'waters_tim at hotmail.com'; 'richard.kingston at manchester.ac.uk'
Subject: FW: GIS for JMT

Hi folks,


Is anyone interested in the attached? Basically, providing a
cheap-and-cheerful and/or off-the-peg means of John Muir Trust sharing
GIS data among a small number of users at different sites (Internet
linked) with minimum functionality (upload data, swithc on/off layers,
zoom in/out, pan, print as JPEG/PDF). I've no idea as to what monies
they have in mind but they're a charity so it won't be mega bucks.


If you're interested can you contact Mike direct or pass on to those who
you think might be. I'll probably going to the workshop that Mike
mentions as I should (hopefully) be doing some more analytical work for
them in due course on wildness mapping.





From: Mike Daniels [mailto:cso at jmt.org] 
Sent: 03 March 2008 11:31
To: Stephen Carver
Subject: GIS for JMT


Dear Steve


I contacted you recently in connection with exploring GIS options for
JMT. I am now keen to progress this towards the stage of having
costings, timetable etc. drawn up so that I can take proposals to senior
management and explore funding options (no promises given!). 


I therefore attach an outline of where our thinking has got to on what
we require. I would appreciate your quick thoughts on:


a)     your interest in this work

b)    an outline of approximate costings and timetable

c)     your willingness to attend a GIS workshop hosted by us alongside
rival contractors to help us finalise our decision


I would very much appreciate your thoughts by the end of this week, if
at all possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further, more info.


Many thanks


Mike Daniels






Chief Scientific Officer

John Muir Trust

Tower House

Station Road

Pitlochry PH16 5AN


Tel: 01796 484937 (direct no)

Tel: 01796 470080 (switchboard)


cso at jmt.org <mailto:cso at jmt.org> 


Become a guardian of wild places.   Join the John Muir Trust today. 

Join online or arrange a Gift Membership -
www.jmt.org/become-a-member.asp <http://www.jmt.org/become-a-member.asp>


The John Muir Trust is the UK's leading wild land conservation

John Muir Trust: Scottish Charitable Company limited by Guarantee     

Registered Office: Tower House, Station Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5AN     

Charity No. SC002061     Company No. SC081620



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