[OSGeo-Discuss] Raster data on a DBMS

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Mon Nov 3 15:06:15 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 08:57:53PM -0200, Gilberto Camara wrote:
> Jim Gray┬┤s paper and much more on
> this issue is on his site at MS Research.

Gray has hundreds of papers listed on his Microsoft Research page. As I
said, I'm not claiming that Gray's paper said or did not say something,
merely that the section you quoted did not.

> Allow me to reiterate my earlier argument, which is
> that FOSS4G should **allow** users the option of storing
> raster data in a database. Storing images in a database
> is not recommended in each and every situation.
> The user should have the option, according to his needs.

I'm not sure if you feel that someone is preventing this from happening
in some way. It sounds like you think that there is some blocker here
other than someone investing the time and effort to make this happen.

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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