[OSGeo-Discuss] Anyone interested in geocoding and routing?

Judit Mays mays at lat-lon.de
Fri Nov 7 01:01:35 PST 2008

Jody Garnett schrieb:
> Fair enough - one thing I am interested in is having an API to interact
> with a range of geocoder implementations. I know the standards at osgeo.org
> list will remind me of OpenLS - but I am not sure if that has seen any
> adoption in the wild (although it looks like their is a new version
> comming out with a range of interesting sponsors behind it).


OpenRouteService (http://www.openrouteservice.org/) seems to implement
I'm not sure about their implementation being open source (I somehow
doubt it, as it isn't stated as such). But in their terms of use they
say: "If you intend to use OpenRouteService in your own applications
please contact us. We are interested in spreading the usage of
OpenRouteService in academic and non-profit and Open Source projects."

Judit Mays

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