[OSGeo-Discuss] Data Hosting For OSM PD?

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Fri Nov 7 11:15:50 PST 2008


I'm part of a non-profit recently put together to try to help promote this same sort of data sharing, we want to take it a bit further than you describe though, by allowing the option of setting up data feeds for WMS/WFS services.  These resulting services would be intended as seamless coverages and that are classified by type and not necessarily by data owner.

The general idea is to set up services with an eye towards dissolving political boundaries while still allowing the data custodians to manage their particular chunk of the data.  We've also put quite a lot of work into the data organizational aspects as well as authentication services for sensitive data.  We also applied some effort to providing a measure of metadata related to the publication process.

Our intent is to provide technical and infrastructure services that allow for a very easy and usable publication process for anyone that wants to share their (spatially referenced) public domain data.

While we're interested in any type of publicly available data, we're particularly interested in any datasets that would apply to emergency management or situational awareness.

If interested, I'm available offline to talk further, just email me directly.


>>> "Landon Blake" <lblake at ksninc.com> 11/07/08 12:12 PM >>>
I've been working with a few of the folks from the Open Street Map. We
are a group within the OSM community that is very interested in setting
up a repository or pool to host the map data we contribute in a separate
space, before it is uploaded to OSM. We'd like to do this so we can
collaborate on and release our data in the public domain. This avoids a
lot of the licensing problems and challenges that OSM is currently
struggling with.


We've got a tentative folder structure nailed down, at least for the
time being.


I'd like to know if there would be any interest at the OSGeo in
providing some web server space for our repository. We don't need
anything fancy. No database, no scripting, no special software. We just
need a place to put folders and files.


I'd be happy to discuss the proposed repository structure in more detail
if the OSGeo was interested.


I can start the repository with some space on my own site, but I think I
will quickly become overwhelmed by the data and bandwidth requirements.
If the OSGeo isn't interested our group can look into getting support
from a University or other organization.


At any rate, I thought this might be a good opportunity for the OSGeo to
get involved in the free data side of the FOSS GIS equation.





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