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Hello OS-GEO Community,

If you work at a non-profit organization, keep reading for information about
Google.org's Geo Challenge Grants!  You can also get more information at
their blog posting<http://blog.google.org/2008/10/introducing-googleorg-geo-challenge.html>

Also, if you know others that work at non-profit organizations, consider
passing this along to them!

Thanks so much,


Google.org just launched an exciting new grants program.  Google.org Geo
Challenge Grants <http://www.google.org/geochallenge.html> will award grants
to NGOs around the world to create projects using online mapping tools, such
as Google Maps and Google Earth.  The program is an open application process
that will award grants up to $100,000.

Maps are a powerful way for organizations to display and share data, promote
ideas and issues, and plan and organize activities.  Online
mapping tools can help the world visualize and understand information,
problems, and solutions - whether locally or globally.  We've found that
well designed maps can help organizations operate more effectively.  They
can convey the importance of your cause in a visual, compelling way.  And,
they can give individuals from around the world a chance to experience the
work you do.  We want to help organizations use these kinds of tools to
advance their work in the areas of global development, climate change and
global public health.

Here's an example project.  The Dreaming New
 initiative seeks to encourage adoption of clean electricity and to move New
Mexico away from dirty, polluting power plants.  Using the Google
Earth API<http://code.google.com/apis/earth/>
 (browser plugin), Dreaming New Mexico shows some of the choices available
to New Mexico as it considers a move to sustainable clean energy.
Click here to view <http://www.dreamingnewmexico.org/visualize> the site.

Applications, which are open to NGOs around the world are open now and will
close on December 22.  (We hope to continue with further application rounds
next year.)

There are 3 levels of funding.  A US$5,000 grant is enough to complete a
small mapping project or a prototype of a more ambitious map project.
Examples include maps such as the Women for Women project
 A US$25,000 grant is enough to complete a substantial mapping project using
one or more data sources. The map will typically still use a fixed data set
vs a dynamically updating data source. Examples include maps such as the
Appalachian Voices Mountaintop Removal Layer with associated "Are You
Connected?" interactive website noted in this case
 A US$100,000 grant is enough to complete a more dynamic mapping project, or
a system that will enable the production of maps across a number of
scenarios. Such a project might include tools that the grantee as well as
other organizations could use to quickly create maps of a certain type.

To learn more about the program, check out our
website<http://www.google.org/geochallenge.html> which
has a description of the program, FAQs and the application.  Also, for other
ways that Google can help your organization, check out our Google for
Non-profits site. <http://www.google.com/nonprofits/>
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