[OSGeo-Discuss] News submittal (I think)

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Nov 17 20:10:05 PST 2008

Bob Basques wrote:
> Frank,
> Not a big deal from this end (based on your comments).  We'll have version
> 2.0 ready around the end of the year.  The last News Item I sent was for
> Version 1.2, which was at the beginning of the year.   I didn't think to
> send every point release in between to the news items, only those that I
> thought merited announcement.  Version 1.6 has some interesting new
> features.  But Version 2.0 will have a lot more thrown in as well.
> I swear we had a similar conversation to this the last time around too, you
> were making some similar cautioning statements at that time as well.   BTW:
> What's the Gage being used for saying something is not widespread.  It's in
> widespread use around here.  :c)


The review is entirely subjective on my part based on my perceptions.

> Anyway, I'll send something along for Version 2.0 when it's ready.

Sounds good.

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