[OSGeo-Discuss] Beta-test the GEospatial Applications Registry(GEAR)

Schlagel, Joel D IWR Joel.D.Schlagel at usace.army.mil
Wed Oct 1 08:25:44 PDT 2008

I will be contributing reference to MapServer GDAL and Mapfish for US Army
Corps of Engineers. 


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FYI. Maybe they will appreciate some humble Open Source contributions.

In support of the Geospatial Line of Business, an FGDC-coordinated activity
to streamline geospatial activities across the US federal government, a
GEospatial Applications Registry (GEAR) is being prototyped as a directory of
software applications that are pertinent to government business processes.
The objective is to provide a listing
(Wiki) of software products and encourage comments (blog-style) with evidence
of implementation. Nominations of software in GEAR does not constitute
endorsement by the government, but provides an interesting and useful way to
learn about available software of all types. Software envisioned for the GEAR
include open source and commercial applications, as well as commercial
offerings. Extensions or add-ons to existing software can be documented and
clarified through a dependencies section.

Initially we expect a small number of government-originated applications to
be registered, but we are inviting the broader GIS implementer community to
help us test and build-out the content in GEAR within the next 2-3 weeks. A
typical entry should take less than 30 minutes, less if you are fluent with
the product being described.

Keep in mind that this is only Beta software in a testing phase, but we
welcome your honest and complete entries. These will get propagated into the
final GEAR deployment when it goes public in October. All entries will be
reviewed by a government team and, once approved, made visible for search and
browse. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

The URL: http://gear.morphexchange.com

Arnulf Benno Christl
(OSGeo Board Member)
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