[OSGeo-Discuss] Successful FOSS4G use case needed especially in government sector

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Dear Sanghee Shin,

IN case of MapServer you can find its applicaitons' gallery under:

IN European structures there is a cell dealing with e-government, called 
IDABC, which runs a Open Source Observatory. Lately OSO has been active 
within GIS.

In case o Belgium I know a succesfull applicaiton, presented by Lieven raes 
at CASCADOSS workshop - a software project called GeGIS - dealing mainly 
with farmers' field inventory via web service (tWFS application). You can 
find the details under 

Best regards:

Dr. Rafal Wawer
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hello Sanghee Shin,
I was at the same AGM, presenting the deegree software project, which is
currently in OSGeo-incubation.

If you go to the deegree site at http://www.deegree.org - "About" - 
you will find a long list of projects that have been carried out in 
kinds of institutions both governmental and private industry, using deegree
software (LGPL).

I am sure, there are similar examples from other software and projects.

Hope this may help,

Judit Mays
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Sanghee Shin schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I'm Sanghee Shin from Seoul, Korea. I hope somebody remember me. I
> presented activities of OSGeo Korean language L.C. to you at AGM this
> conference.
> Anyway.. I was invited to a national research institute(KRIHS) in Korea
> which supports policy making of Korean central government a month ago.
> There I presented what is FOSS4G and how can it be used in government
> sector. The mood was very good and they showed much interest in FOSS4G
> at that time.
> However, frankly to say, almost all the Korean GIS market - especially
> in government sector -  have beent dominated by proprietary s/w yet and
> KRISH don't have enough courage to persuade central government to use
> FOSS4G at this point. KRISH still have uncertainty and doubt on FOSS4G.
> After coming back to my seat in my office from Cape Town, I got a phone
> call from KRISH researcher. She said that she wanted to include those
> successful case of FOSS4G use in another government into their report
> which should be submitted to Korean central government. She added that
> FOSS4G could be a good option for Korean government's next gis project.
> Since KRISH didn't know much about FOSS4G in real case, they needed true
> proven case of FOSS4G use in government sector.
> Therefore I'm writting a letter to you to request your help. Please let
> me know any successful case of FOSS4G in your country. Web site,
> implementation history, your experiences... and kinds of materials will
> be useful to me.
> Your help will be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Sanghee Shin
> p.s. ) To market FOSS4G, how about creating a wiki page to collect those
> kind of successful story of FOSS4G?
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