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Marco Lechner marco.lechner at geographie.uni-freiburg.de
Thu Oct 9 00:04:42 PDT 2008

Hi LiveDVD-Builder,

I'm very happy that the concept of live-images also hit 
FOSS4G-conference. FOSSGIS e.V. (formerly known as GAV e.V.), who will 
(hopefully) be the institutional form of local chapter DACH soon, 
startet using live-images about 2 years ago. At the german language 
conference "FOSSGIS" in April we used live-images to provide all the 
workshop-notebooks using PXE-boot with individual liveimages booting at 
the beginning of a workshop. A list of the held workshops (sorry only in 
german, but the projectnames are uni anyway) can be found on this page: 
http://fossgis.osgeo.net/wiki/Workshops_2008 and show which applications 
we already integrated in a liveimage.
Right now our "flagship" is GISlivePE, a LiveDVD providing very recent 
developer snapshots of QGIS and GRASS. Our most recent PE-version 
(preview edition) produced for the Intergeo 2008 
(http://www.intergeo.de/2008_en/englisch/index.php) got the developer 
snapshots from 09/24/2008. (For download see 
We are already thinking about a VE (variety edition) to provide the big 
variety of FOSS GIS-Software and Data including most (if possible all) 
of the OSGeo projects and may be some more (josm, openJUMP, Geoserver, 
...) on a more stable basis - we are using Debians live-helper system.

I think providing (may be including localisations and editions) 
livesystems under the roof of OSGeo could have a very good PR-effect.


Mark Leslie schrieb:
> Greetings,
> We at LISAsoft are in the process of setting up a Live CD.  While the
> ultimate goal is a 'comprehensive' version by FOSS4G2009, we're starting
> with a fairly short java-centric stack of software in order to get the
> details worked out and get something out the door soon.  Our goal is to
> have a cut available next week, with something polished by the 22nd,
> hopefully leaving enough time before Capetown for anyone interested to
> get some copies burned.
> So I suppose my first question is, is anybody interested in having a
> copy of this CD?  Is there somewhere appropriate we could upload an image?
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