Mini-conf in Seattle? (was: RE: [OSGeo-Discuss] some post-FOSS4Gthoughts)

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Thu Oct 9 09:38:41 PDT 2008


Seattle's only about a 12 hour drive up Interstate 5 from Stockton.
That's not too far for something FOSS4G specific. If I had enough
advance notice I could take a Friday and Monday off work to help
organize a weekend conference. I'd also be willing to give a short
presentation on OpenJUMP or a Surveying/GIS related topic.


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(In Seattle, we go out for a latte.)

This is a quick troll to see who'd be interested in coming to (and/or
helping organize) a mini-conference in Seattle in spring of '09.  Send
me email, and I'll follow up later with a summary.


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Jody Garnett wrote:
> In Canada we go to the pub.
> Jody
Although that said; a regional conference would be fun ... we are still 
struggling to have any kind of meetings for the bc chapter.
I am amazed at all these other groups that have had yearly conferences 
since rocks were beginning to cool.

One down side with the whole conversation track here is the idea of 
splitting into multiple venues is that the open source projects cannot 
always field community members to attend everything.

The original post talked about minimizing expense; breaking into several

venues actually updates the expense from where I am sitting.

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