[OSGeo-Discuss] Conference sponsors

Tim Bowden tim.bowden at westnet.com.au
Thu Oct 9 19:07:58 PDT 2008

The Aust-NZ team is well under way in planning for the Sydney FOSS4G
2009.  As part of that we're looking at potential sponsors.  We'd love
to grab big, small and in between.  If there's a company you think
should be a sponsor, please drop us a line.

In particular we'd like to get talking to the likes of Nokia, IBM, HP
etc.  Ok, so they're all big, got lots of money (still, I hope!) and
love open source, but they share another common trait; we haven't yet
been able to get them on board.  If anyone has any good contacts within
those companies, please let us know.

Tim Bowden
Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again.

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