[OSGeo-Discuss] ESRI Spain conference incident

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Oct 17 01:09:54 PDT 2008

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
> The ESRI user conference is gratis, but you need to register yourself
> and receive confirmation of the organisation. Some of that people went
> to Madrid from Valencia, so they lost (or not, it depends how you see
> that) their work day and that's money of course.

I certainly would still have kicked up a stink to get back the cost of 
travelling over 200 miles ;)
Heck - I think they should do that anyway?
The organisers had obviously decided beforehand to exclude these people so it 
WOULD have been polite to save them cost of travelling BUT they obviously 
decided simply to annoy? It certainly does not earn ESRI any 'brownie points' 
being so arrogant, but then again their lawyers have probably sown up every 
loose end in the small print so they will just have to put up with bad press :)

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