[OSGeo-Discuss] ms_link_id

Fatih ├ľNCEL fatih at kentsoft.net
Fri Oct 17 06:35:37 PDT 2008

i have a dgn file V7.  i try to read this file with mapguide 2009 fdo.provider 3.3.1 . on my dgn file,  there are mslink_id s. i dont want to lose them. but when i open this file, i could reach my data except mslink_id. when i connect mapguide and dgn file i could see featID column instead of mslink_id. 
does mapguide 2009 produce featID according to mslink?
or mapguide 2009 produce featId according to itself?
how can i reach my mslink_id in my dgn file?


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