[OSGeo-Discuss] ESRI Spain conference incident

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Sat Oct 18 09:22:33 PDT 2008

On 2008/10/17 12:15 AM, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
> Hi All, I resend this mail to OSGeo discuss because I think is a
> serious incident that cannot be obviated and shows how things are
> getting at least in Spanish market.

> As Alvaro says, why they have this behavior with his colleagues? Maybe
> they fear FOSS companies?
> Anyway, all of you are invited to the gvSIG conf, even to discuss,
> it's free in both senses ;)

ESRI was a sponsor at FOSS4G 2007, and had a Lab.
Who knows, maybe they will be involved somehow in
FOSS4G 2009(for sure they won't be excluded just
because they are viewed as competition for FOSS).
Perhaps they can have a booth in the exhibition
(and maybe gvSIG wants to have a booth right next
to the ESRI booth ;-)

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