[OSGeo-Discuss] Can we use a LiveDVD for workshops and labs at FOSS4G 2009?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Oct 20 12:21:14 PDT 2008

Chris Puttick wrote:
> ----- "Daniel P. Ames" <amesdani at isu.edu> wrote:
>> Hi folks.  As you all know, there is a growing interest in open source for
>> Windows. Especially with Microsoft's release of its developer tools in
>> free "express" editions and the availability of such tools as SharpDevelop
>> and Mono.
>> MapWindow is .NET based and the bulk of our developers and users are 
>> strictly MS based.  I don't think this makes them any less human, it just
>> says that their threshold for open source is set such that a $90 Windows
>> operating system is considered acceptable but a $10000 GIS is not.
> But to split hairs, if MapWindow is .NET based it is not entirely open
> source as it is dependent on a closed source platform. Now if it also works
> on Mono (as in developed with that in mind), that's no longer true. Does it?
> I would also suggest that developing an open source project inside an
> environment controlled by one of the companies most damaged if the open
> source development model becomes the norm is inviting failure.


A point I often try to make is that OSGeo promotes open source geospatial
software but does not take upon itself the promotion of a full open source
stack.  That is to say, it isn't core to our mission to migrate people from
windows to linux, nor is it core to our mission to move people from .net
to freer base components.  So I think it is important we do not both
splitting hairs - at least as far as official OSGeo policy.

In the context of workshops and such this would manifest as being supportive
of mixed environments of proprietary and open source software.  I would call
it pragmatic vs. ideological though that is a rather loaded way of
expressing it.

I have always taken a "big tent" approach to open source, trying to welcome
individuals and organizations in at the level of adoption that is comfortable
for them.  I hope OSGeo can continue to do the same.

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