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a view from the developing world like India, is that
1. we encourage GIS first.
   GIS can give the much needed transparency by showing the truth.
2. GIS can be done in various ways, using both Open Software as well as Prop-Com software like ESRI.
3. Translation into other languages is easier and cost effective using Open GIS.
4. Security is much better using OS GNU-Linux.
3. It is a choice to be made by the user, which software for what..

It is only natural for Prop-Com software to fall in line with the emerging trends.
A booth at Sydney if not become a sponsor itself, is an iota of wisdom in the right direction.

Ravi Kumar

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> On 2008/10/17 12:15 AM, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
>> Hi All, I resend this mail to OSGeo discuss because I think is a
>> serious incident that cannot be obviated and shows how things are
>> getting at least in Spanish market.
>> As Alvaro says, why they have this behavior with his colleagues? Maybe
>> they fear FOSS companies?
>> Anyway, all of you are invited to the gvSIG conf, even to discuss,
>> it's free in both senses ;)
>ESRI was a sponsor at FOSS4G 2007, and had a Lab.
>Who knows, maybe they will be involved somehow in
>FOSS4G 2009(for sure they won't be excluded just
>because they are viewed as competition for FOSS).

"Viewed as competition for FOSS" -> Well, they say (I asked about
it at ESRI's booth during both FOSS4G 2007 & 2008) that they have made
some contributions to open-source, as the openness of shapefile format or
offering WMS servers. :-D

>Perhaps they can have a booth in the exhibition
>(and maybe gvSIG wants to have a booth right next
>to the ESRI booth ;-)

For sure FOSS4G ESRI's attendees are much more polite (and clever) than
their Spanish collegues.

Maybe it would be wiser to make a request for a booth in the world annual
ESRI's conference (I don't know nor want to, the exact name). Would they
admit a FOSS4G booth (it doesn't matter which project could be) as we make
at FOSS4G? It would be funny to see an OSGeo booth showing the integration
capabilities of OSGeo projects against ESRI closed products, or even a

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