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ROBERT HOLLINGSWORTH reh2 at prodigy.net
Thu Oct 23 10:33:30 PDT 2008

I invite people to subscribe and contribute to new mail list "contractors"

Actually it has existed for a couple of weeks, but I've been too busy with, well,  contracting, to write a simple introduction!

I see it as an opportunity for:
* individuals who try to or want to make a living
  doing contract work in the FOSS4G arena,
* principals and employees of companies involved
  in FOSS4G contracting,
* people from the FOSS4G client space,
* and anyone else who's interested,
to share ideas about how to conduct business in the open-source world.

(If you have contract positions you want to fill, please post them to the jobs list.)

I'd like to expand my knowledge of where the clients are, what's their typical profile, how to market to them, typical project duration, what mix of proprietary vs. FOSS projects contractors are finding, etc.

I'll start some topics going, hopefully soon.  They may take the form of "What's been your experience with _____________?"

Robert Hollingsworth
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