[OSGeo-Discuss] kicked the ESRI habit, now weening from Bentley MicroStation..looking toward FOSS4G

Judit Mays mays at lat-lon.de
Wed Oct 29 08:56:12 PDT 2008

pyroGIS schrieb:
> Fellow listers,
> Where I'm wondering about going next is down
> the whole Web Mapping road. What are your opinions on GeoServer vs.
> MapServer vs. OpenLayers? Those seem to get the most love from the OS
> community ... should I skip worldKit? what about deegree?

Hello Joe,
if you are interested in a large community you might find MapServer and
GeoServer more appealing than deegree. I can't say much more about the
first two, as I've never used either. But there has been a presentation
comparing GeoServer and MapServer at the last FOSS4G. You will probably
find the slides online.

The deegree community is not quite as large (yet), but we are about to
change that. So you are very welcome to join in. And you are also more
than welcome to improve the documentation and /or wiki contents ;-)
Support on our mailing lists is already very good, so no need to worry
about the community.

As for hitting the Web Mapping road with deegree, I can only say: sure,
go ahead, not a problem. But instead of writing down all the details
here, I added it to the deegree wiki, so more people might benefit from it.
To get an impression of what is possible with deegree WMS (besides the
obvious: getting maps from a server) please go to


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