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Hi Frank,
I'm not sure I completely agree about your apples/oranges, here's why:
We are in the process of putting together a big raster server, so I'm evaluating the best way to proceed. I'm quite familiar with putting raster tiles in a database, did that way back in the last century. I've decided to use Geoserver, since we need (want)  WFS-T and WCS, and the latest speed race between MapServer and GeoServer seems to be a tie more or less.
As I see it we have several options:
1) Put the big original raster images in back of Geoserver, access using their Mosaic and the GDAL based ImageIO-ext.
Advantage - easy, but kind of slow.
2) Take the originals and build a file-based pyramid
Advantage - faster, but a lot of work, plus duplication and tricky to keep updated as new data comes in.
3) Take the originals and build a PostGIS based pyramid.
Likely, about the same as 3 in speed and work and duplication.
4) Do 1, but put a pyramiding tileserver in front. It builds the pyrimid in 2 and 3 over time, and is likely the fastest if you hit the cache, and is no harder to do than #1.
I think, that since the goal of all this storage of pyramids and the like is just to get speed, that they aren't apples/oranges, but apples apples, since they are both pyramid schemes, just in different places, either in front, or in back of the server. 
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Sylvan Ascent Inc. wrote:
> Mike and Ivan,
> I'd like to see them also compared to a caching solution, like GeoWebCache,
> or TileCache. These effectively create a file-based "database" of little
> bitty tiles at certain resolutions, kind of like a tile pyrimid that is
> created gradually over time as the image data is accessed.
> One would think the file-based cache system would be faster than a similar
> database solution, with the database solution giving no real benefits that I
> can see.


While it might be educational to compare to a tilecache solution it is really
comparing apples and oranges.

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