[OSGeo-Discuss] Shapefile lacking SRS information

Rafal Wawer Rafal.Wawer at sadl.kuleuven.be
Tue Sep 2 00:39:11 PDT 2008

Dear Kjell,
I am not an expert with GRASS, but form what I see in your e-mail, the 
shapefile itself (its geometry) seem to be OK. It si just lacking the SRS 

In Quantum GIS often (always?) happens, that the program does not read the 
ESRI WKT from *.prj file, hence you have to read it yourself and find the 
corresponding EPSG code on http://spatial-reference.org . Then you define it 
within layer's properties and that's it. I bet, there is similiar procedure 

Hope this helps a bit.

Best regards:

Dr. Rafal Wawer
R&D Division SADL (Spatial Application Division)
Celestijnenlaan 200e bus 2224
BE-3001 Leuven-Heverlee
tel. 0032 16 329731

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We communicated briefly this summer on issues relating to the
conversion and creation of geodata. Looking through the emails from
earlier this summer, I am very thankful for the time you spent, and
hope that I am not intruding by asking one more:

My status is that I am progressing to the point where I should be able
to draw my own maps and have them included (mashed) with my web albums
for photos soon.

I am using UNIX shell-scripts to draw the maps I need based on a
shapefile converted to .csv and geodata extracted from my photos:


Trying to get hold of better maps, I have been trying to get some old
shapefiles to work, but without success. They appear to have lost
their Spacial Reference System:


...and I was just wondering - is it possible to repair them?

Best regards,

Kjell Are Refsvik
Graduate Student, Information Technology
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Østfold University College, Norway
email: kjell.a.refsvik at hiof.no
mobile: +47 405 50 454

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