[OSGeo-Discuss] Access to DWG 2008

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Thu Sep 4 09:04:14 PDT 2008

You're likely screwed. (We love you Autodesk.)


Can you get the data in DXF format?


As an alternative, you might look into buying a version of IntelliCAD.
It should be able to open an AutoCAD 2008 drawing file and only runs
about $200-$500 for the full version.





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I need to access a DWG file in Autocad 2008 (dwg) format.


Does anyone know how to do it with an open-source application?


gvSIG opens DWG 2000. But further versions of DWG are encrypted and
their format are more than closed.


I'm really fed up with these closed requirements!


Any help will be appretiated. Even for crying purposes.




Miguel Montesinos


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