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Mark Leslie wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> Mark Leslie wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> We at LISAsoft are in the process of setting up a Live CD.  While the
>>> ultimate goal is a 'comprehensive' version by FOSS4G2009, we're starting
>>> with a fairly short java-centric stack of software in order to get the
>>> details worked out and get something out the door soon.  Our goal is to
>>> have a cut available next week, with something polished by the 22nd,
>>> hopefully leaving enough time before Capetown for anyone interested to
>>> get some copies burned.
>>> So I suppose my first question is, is anybody interested in having a
>>> copy of this CD?  Is there somewhere appropriate we could upload an image?
>> How does this LiveCD differ from the Ominiverde one put out in August?
>> +1 that you post it somewhere.
>> Alex
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> The short (and not terribly useful) answer is: it's more recent :) 
> I have hope that this will become a very demo-oriented product,
> incorporating tutorials and documentation from the various projects so
> that it can be run off-line and still be useful.  My target is mostly
> for conferences and workshops, since that's when I really feel the need
> for something like this, but hopefully it will be more broadly
> applicable.  I haven't used Ominiverdi's cd, so I can't really comment
> on the contents.
> Cameron is setting me up with access to the OSGeo downloads site, so
> once we have a cut I'll be posting it there.
Adding to Mark's comments,
Our intent is to try and compliment and work with existing packaging 
efforts rather than compete with them. From our digging around, it seems 
that prior LiveCD efforts are not being maintained any more. (Please 
correct me if I'm wrong).

We are focusing initially on packaging the java stack as we felt this 
could benefit the most from a little attention, (and we have experience 
there) and java is just starting to be incorporated into the 
debian/ubuntu distributions, so packaging java into linux should become 
much easier than before.

Our long term aim is to simplify GeoFOSS packaging so that it becomes 
part of the build process.

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