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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Sep 10 03:54:20 PDT 2008

Thanks you all, Alex, Markus, Mark and Cameron; we have finally a 
discuss that's hitting the point.
Mark's job is welcome. In Ominiverdi we've started creating live CDs two 
year ago and we are still publishing. Our production is not perfect, we 
are conscious.

We've recently adopted Xubuntu for its quality, low performances request 
and install capabilities (we love this feature).
IMO, for the C stack it's perfect.
Talking about the Java stack we've found many problems with packages for 
Ubuntu. There are a few an not so stable. This means a lot of work to 
configure all packages after install. This is our experience using 
Ubuntu as desktop daily.
The cool part of the C stack in the installed version of the livecd is 
that you have your repositories automatically checked by Xubuntu. Then 
if the package is well maintained you can update it without any effort.
Practically: you install once and you don't have to use the liveCd 
anymore because you can just update using with a couple of clicks.

IMO, creating a liveCD is not that difficult but it's difficult to 
maintain packages.
Doktoreas (Luca) is the one who's producing the liveCD and I can't talk 
instead of him. It would be cool anyway if it would be possible to 
create an OSGeo LiveCD project supported by all of us.


Alex Mandel wrote:
> Mark Leslie wrote:
>> Alex Mandel wrote:
>>> Mark Leslie wrote:
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> We at LISAsoft are in the process of setting up a Live CD.  While the
>>>> ultimate goal is a 'comprehensive' version by FOSS4G2009, we're starting
>>>> with a fairly short java-centric stack of software in order to get the
>>>> details worked out and get something out the door soon.  Our goal is to
>>>> have a cut available next week, with something polished by the 22nd,
>>>> hopefully leaving enough time before Capetown for anyone interested to
>>>> get some copies burned.
>>>> So I suppose my first question is, is anybody interested in having a
>>>> copy of this CD?  Is there somewhere appropriate we could upload an image?
>>> How does this LiveCD differ from the Ominiverde one put out in August?
>>> +1 that you post it somewhere.
>>> Alex
>> And no sooner have I replied than I've found the list of software on the
>> Ominiverdi product, so now I can comment.
>> Our livecd is starting with a focus on the java stack, mostly because
>> that's where more of our experience lies.  I certainly hope java is just
>> the starting point, but time will tell.
> I'm curious if the two efforts could be done in tandem to offer a full
> selection. What distro did you base your LiveCD on?
> The Ominiverdi is based on Xubuntu which I imagine is using the repo
> versions of many packages (easy to maintain and upgrade) and being as it
> came out last month seems recent enough to me.
> If that could be combined with the Java stack I think that would be
> extremely useful and help to keep the Debian/Ubuntu packages up to date.
> Java always seems to be a little behind.
> I'm excited to take it for a spin later this month,
> Alex
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