[OSGeo-Discuss] The existence (and value of) "clean" geocoding tools?

David Dearing ddearing at stottlerhenke.com
Wed Sep 24 13:53:34 PDT 2008

Hi.  I just recently stumbled across OSGeo and have poked around to try 
and get a feel for the different projects, but still have a lingering 
question.  Forgive me if this isn't the appropriate channel to be asking 

It seems that there is a solid focus on mapping, image manipulation, and 
geometric processing at OSGeo.  And, in the more broad world including 
non-open source projects, there are a lot of tools available for the 
mass production of geotagged or geocoded documents.  However, the 
accuracy of these systems, while good, doesn't seem sufficient when 
accuracy is at a premium (from what I've seen they tend to focus on volume).

Are there any existing tools that can be used to tag/code documents, 
perhaps sacrificing the mass-produced aspect for better accuracy?  Have 
I just missed/overlooked some existing tool(s) that meet this 
description?  Or, am I in the minority in wanting to produce fewer 
"clean" geocoded/tagged documents rather than many "pretty good" documents?

Thanks so much,

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