[OSGeo-Discuss] The existence (and value of) "clean" geocoding tools?

Woolard, Zachary S. zwoolard at moorecountync.gov
Tue Sep 30 08:19:59 PDT 2008

I've worked on several geocoding projects, and they have all required
manual cleanup of the geocoded addresses and the initial datasets.
Geocoding is used extensively in public safety/EMS applications.  For
their purposes a "pretty good" geocode is not acceptable.  The engine is
important, but not as important as having clean street centerline and
address data to work with.  My two cents.



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Thanks for the good variety of responses!

Certainly there is no way to perfectly automate geocoding.  That's just 
a very hard problem and, as Stephen mentioned, there are so many 
possible spelling/formatting differences that it's impossible to plan 
for every case.

Although, to steer this away from the "where is a good geocoding engine"

line of thought, I am curious of the use of these systems.  I think we 
all agree that current systems do not reach, as I termed it, "clean" 
geocoding of a document.  Does this cause a problem for the applications

of the geocoded data?  I'm not very familiar with the traditional uses 
of these systems.  Does it need to be manually corrected or are the 
applications happy with "pretty good"?


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