[OSGeo-Discuss] Any interest in open source AutoLISPcodeforgeospatial applications?

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I don't know about advanced, but we did make a concerted effort to use
as generic as possible tools to put things together.  Everything is a
component that talks to another component. 

I've used a bunch of different routines over the years to achieve 
similar ends, importing stuff before OGC existed for example . . .
anyway, I would be interested to hear your experiences with the
Intellicad side of things, I did look at this a while back as a possible
fill in for additional AutoCAD seats.  While AutoCAD is easy to justify
for the all day user, the use of AutoCAD as an AutoMation tools (which
I've been doing for years) is starting to become much less cost
effective for us.   Our code may swap out with Intellicad with very
little effort and may be something were interested in pursuing
development wise. 


>>> "Landon Blake" <lblake at ksninc.com> wrote:



It sounds like your code is a lot more advanced than mine! I’m not
working with any Civil or Land Desktop tools just yet, because I want
all of my code to run on the IntelliCAD platform as well. 


I will keep you posted on my efforts, and I hope we find room to
collaborate in the future. 



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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Any interest in open source AutoLISP
codeforgeospatial applications? 




Related to the previous Email, we also have WMS and WFS services for use
by AutoDesk products with our own importers (so all AutoDesk products
can import, not just Map based)  We use our own Style templates and
everything, still a work in progress, but it's very closely related to
your original question as well. ,  The same processes are used for both
the general WMS/WFS service importing as are used for the Civil 3D and
LandXML based imports. 


I've been suggesting to AutoDesk rep's, when the opportunity arises,
that these interoperability things need to work across the product line.




>>> "Landon Blake" <lblake at ksninc.com> wrote: 


I’m a regular CAD user at my day job. I’ve been working for the last few
weeks on cleaning and packaging some of my AutoLISP code, which can be
used to customize Autodesk’s AutoCAD and IntelliCAD programs. I’m
getting ready to make my first release of the code. 




My focus with the AutoLISP code is the creation of functionality that
makes it easier to work with land surveying and GIS data in AutoCAD.
Tools to import and export feature geometry in OGC WKT format is one
example of the type of functionality I am talking about. 




I would like to know if there are other CAD users among the OSGeo that
would be interested in this code. If there is enough interest I would
like to release the code as part of an OSGeo Labs project. If there
isn’t sufficient interest, then I will release my code under my
SourceForge project. I’m asking now, before I make the initial release,
because the copyright for all of the code I release as part of my
SourceForge project is transferred to the Software Freedom Conservancy.
If I’m going to work on the code with others as part of OSGeo Labs, then
I will want to transfer the copyright to OSGeo. 




Let me know if you are interested. I don’t have the code online just
yet, but I can send you a copy if you want to take a peek. I will warn
you know that the code is nothing spectacular, and at this point is just
a collection and reorganization of some scripts I have had laying











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