[OSGeo-Discuss] Patent for feature of paper map.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Aug 5 10:25:31 PDT 2009

Landon Blake wrote:
> The latest issue of the ACSM Bulletin had an interesting article about a 
> map matrix that wraps around the edge of a paper map. It seems the 
> company that is using this feature of hard copy map design is applying 
> for a patent. I didn’t even think you could get a patent a feature of a 
> paper map. It got me wondering who holds the patent on the use of a 
> north arrow and scale.

Since they are present on 17th century maps, I suspect they are prior art?

> At any rate, here is the article if you are interested in reading it:
> http://www.webmazine.org/issues/current/documents/wrap.pdf
> I couldn’t find the patent application, or I would have posted a link to 
> it. Let me know if you have any comments.
http://www.userfriendlymaps.com/ are claiming most of their maps are 'Patent 
pending', but a search is on - "john r innes" map patent - only giving the 
maps themselves. You would expect a listing in 
http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnrinnes of application numbers?

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