[OSGeo-Discuss] Options for sharing geodata symbology along with WFS?

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Fri Aug 14 08:58:00 PDT 2009

Hi all,

My team is starting to play with WFS and a colleague had the following 
question: what are the options we have for sharing the symbology of 
geodata served via WFS?

If I'm not mistaken, symbology isn't part of the WFS service. I know 
there's the OGC Symbology Encoding standard, but is this the best way to 
share symbology of WFS-served data? Can't the geodata be styled directly 
by the GML styles of the WFS-served data? If that's an option, what tool 
(open source ideally, of course) should we use to create those styles?

To be honest, no one of my team knows a lot about WFS yet (or much on 
the other OGC standards). I thought of asking the WFS forum 
(http://feature.opengeospatial.org/forumbb/viewforum.php?f=17 ) but 
activity is pretty low. I'm confident this list will provide insightful 
answers! :-) To my defense for this OSGeo-unrelated question, we do 
process and serve all the related geodata using OSGeo software! ;-)

Thanks for any replies!

Alexandre Leroux, M.Sc., Ing.
Environnement Canada / Environment Canada
Centre météorologique canadien / Canadian Meteorological Centre
Section de la réponse aux urgences environnementales /
Environmental Emergency Response Section
alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca

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