[OSGeo-Discuss] Options for sharing geodata symbology along with WFS?

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Fri Aug 14 11:22:51 PDT 2009


Thanks Christopher for your answer. A colleague excluded SLD by telling 
us it only applies to WMS, which, based on your comment, isn't true. The 
OGC website isn't clear on this (I guess we should read deeper). This 
would enable us to generate SLDs with uDig :-)

>> answers! :-) To my defense for this OSGeo-unrelated question, we do  
>> process and serve all the related geodata using OSGeo software! ;-)
> Which software?

Since you're asking.. still the same project already mentioned on this 
list: providing Canadian weather information with web maps and standard 
web services. Our (fully working) prototypes use MapFish, OpenLayers 
GDAL/OGR­. (we also use other OSGeo software for other projects)


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