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Ok, I'm probably going to get someone irritated, but here goes . . . 

Why not approach this from the other end of the spectrum and work at making the original files smaller.  Work with the providers to make the images smaller in the first place, or at least come up with a maximum practical size to work with, I mean if this is the only (or biggest reason) for implementing JP2, then getting folks to make the smaller deliverables seems like a better long term approach. 

Here's my reasoning, we're never (ever?) going to hit the top end on how big files ever get, resolution just keeps going up and up, so there is always going to be some upper limit that will need to be breached somehow.  Working out a proper method for segregating the data up front (dare I say it), as some sort of standard (which can be adjusted as time passes) will make everything work nicely, then all will work with available tools when they are available, if tools to handle larger datasets become available, and the community feels there is a reason/need that these new larger files need to be handled, then they get to change the standard. 


>>> "Fawcett, David" <David.Fawcett at state.mn.us> wrote:

I realize that there are likely not a large number of people who have
the expertise and experience to write this kind of code. 

Is this a project that should be shopped around for funding?  Google
Summer of Code?  A grant from our ~benevolent overlord Google?  Some
other foundation or org interested in open data formats? 

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> Do you know why there hasn't been a broader adoption of JP2?

Not through lack of trying on my part :-)

I think the two biggest reasons are:

(1) The algorithms for handling large images in memory really are rocket
science, and no one in the FOSS community has gotten the "itch"
sufficiently bad enough to go and do the work needed inside the existing
open source packages.  Hopefully someday someone will.

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