[OSGeo-Discuss] KML Streaming server with OS Software

Arne Kepp ak at opengeo.org
Sat Dec 5 04:53:02 PST 2009

Cédric Moullet wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to know if there is any Open Source Software that is able to 
> stream huge KML file.
> The use case is the following: we'd like to diffuse a 100GB KML file 
> through the Google Earth PlugIn. Of what I know, the only way is to 
> create a KML server streaming component in order to diffuse this 
> content in web app. Is there any OS solution available ?
> Thanks,
> Cédric

The Google Earth plugin will probably choke after reading 10 to 15 
mbytes of KML, at least that's what the standalone version of GE did the 
last time I checked.

What you probably have to do is divide the data across a pyramid 
connected by network links. We spent a fair amount of time doing 
"regionating" in GeoServer, i.e. figure out what data should go into 
what level of the pyramid, so that it aggregates on the display as you 
zoom in. It's doable for any specific dataset, but a generic solution 
that you can just throw a database table at is tough. The largest we 
managed to pulish was tables with 1 to 2 million features.

If you have polygons you must also ensure that they re not too complex, 
i.e. the GML representation should be 500 kbyte or less.


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