[OSGeo-Discuss] OpenScales 1.1

Bouiaw bouiaw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 06:23:38 PST 2009


We have been working from the beginning of the year on a Open Source
(LGPL) mapping framework based on ActionScript 3 and Flex :
OpenScales. It is designed for building Rich Internet Mapping
Applications easily. Today we have released OpenScales 1.1, you can
test the demo on http://openscales.org/

OpenScales API have been designed to be quite close of OpenLayers one.
Since the beginning, the codebase has been extensively modified and
improved. Nevertheless, even if OpenScales API is not strictly
equivalent to OpenLayers one, if you have ever developed on
OpenLayers, you will find OpenScales API quite easy to understand.

Last but not least, OpenScales have been designed to run on all kind
of devices :
- Mobile (ActionScript 3) : tested on a Flash 10.1 player unreleased
version running on Palm Pre. First OpenScales ready devices are
expected for 2010 Q1.
- Web (Flex) : OpenScales 1.1 run on Flash 9 and Flash 10 players,
targeting 98% of current web browsers under Windows, Mac and Linux
- Desktop (AIR) : desktop mapping application based on OpenScales and
AIR could be useful to manage offline mode, open local files like
shapefiles, etc.

Any feedback from is welcomed.


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