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Bruce Bannerman B.Bannerman at bom.gov.au
Mon Dec 21 17:40:24 PST 2009


This may have already been covered.

Several years ago Todd Buchanan prepared a thesis comparing ArcGIS and Grass [1].

The approach he used could provide a potential framework. It has features of Cameron's structured comparison; Simon's process approach; with a comparison of actual results of algorithm operations based on a control set of data.

I'd like to see the list of features that Todd compared (at Table 13) expanded somewhat to include e.g. functionality related to data capture and maintenance; transformations; reprojections etc etc.

Just a thought.

   Bruce Bannerman

[1] http://www.toddbuchanan.net/thesis_ver.pdf


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> Folks, I like the structured comparison approach that Cameron 
> outlined. Also equally (or perhaps more useful) would be to 
> put together a wiki page with goals and benchmarks based on 
> ArcGIS 9.3. And then indicate where the os packages compare. 
> This would provide us with the ability to answer the most 
> important question which is "can this do what the proprietary 
> software does."  For example, we could post a couple of maps 
> made in AG and then challenge each desktop team to create and 
> upload the same maps. Etc.  I have a line shapefile with 200 
> shapes. We could upload it and have everyone do some timing 
> to show how fast to load,pan, etc on the data. This could 
> also serve as a way for some of the teams to see their own 
> deficiencies and find critical tasks to work on (they could 
> then update their reporting on the wiki and indicate the 
> version number)... - Dan
> 	On Dec 20, 2009 4:40 PM, "Maxim Dubinin" 
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> 	Simon,
> 	I was merely suggesting an approach. As I said, we 
> didn't have a goal to inform other what Desktop GIS is the 
> best, we just wanted to present a model dataset for many 
> different packages, so that a person can try and choose by himself. 
> 	However, there are some notes for each package at the 
> bottom of the page. Personally, I have a favorite, of course, 
> but I don't think this is appropriate to describe it here. 
> That said, I think this will be relatively easy to construct 
> a matrix based on our experience with missing bits for this 
> particular task. We're currently going through updating 
> software and this project and will discuss this among participants.
> 	Maxim
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> so many desktop open GIS packages. So what w...
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