[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: Will there be an OSGeo Desktop shootout atFOSS4G 2010?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Dec 22 14:39:52 PST 2009

Daniel Ames wrote:
> I teach ArcGIS 9.3 every semester, so I'll happily provide that 
> perspective (as well as the MapWindow desktop perspective). 
> By the way Tyler gave an awesome OSGeo talk at AGU in San Francisco last 
> week and handled the "how does this stack up to ESRI" question 
> brilliantly. I believe the answer was, "We see ESRI as a major success 
> story for OSGeo since they've adopted GDAL and OGR." Couldn't have been 
> addressed more perfectly. 


To be clear, I am unaware of any adoption of OGR by ESRI. They do make
extensive use of GDAL for raster translation and raster data access.

While this is a good point to mention, and helps point out that things
aren't as simple as "us and them", since even them is often one of us
in some respects, I'd like us to be able to give a deeper answer.

Many workloads that are currently done with ArcGIS could also be done
with FOSS tools (most web mapping, much desktop work, and some deep
analysis).  I'd like to get white papers, and presentations addressing
some of these easily transferrable workloads.

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