[OSGeo-Discuss] 4th volume of OSGeo Journal in French!

Yves Jacolin (free) yjacolin at free.fr
Wed Feb 11 10:36:48 PST 2009


The 4th volume of OSGeo Journal entirely translated into french is now 
available for downloading [1].

This volume contains annual reports of OSGeo projects, local chapters, and 
sponsors for 2007. Although lately released, this volume will be of great 
interest to those wishing to rapidly catch up on all the projects they care 
about. Indeed, reports of projects remain relevant to know what the 
objectives were for the year 2008. Volume 6 will contain a 2008 report 

As always each section can be downloaded individually. You are encouraged to 
put a link to this page and distribute this announcement to all professionals 
interested in open source GIS. All feedback is welcome.

Thank you to all the authors, translators and proofreaders who helped make 
this new volume possible

Older volumes can be downloaded from their respective pages, they present case 
studies, tutorials and documentation about GIS concepts. All volumes, both in 
english and french, are available to download at the OSGeo Journal section 


[1] http://www.osgeo.org/node/848 
[2] http://www.osgeo.org/journal 
Yves Jacolin

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