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True. That buffer one might seem deceiving, indeed.

The algorithms are mentioned on this page: 
(where buffer is not mentioned at all). There is also written there:
> Readers might notice that many OGC algorithms, especially the more 
> complex ones, are not yet implemented and that is true. Much work has 
> been done on the generic structure of the library, algorithms still 
> have to be worked on. On the other hand many algorithms are 
> implemented for different coordinate systems (distance is implemented 
> using four strategies: Pythagoras, Andoyer, Vincenty and haversine, 
> there is the "spherical polygon area").
so it might be good to repeat that here. We don't want to give the 
impression that all OGC algorithms are already there.

Regards, Barend

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 5:11 AM, Barend Gehrels
> <Barend.Gehrels at geodan.nl> wrote:
>> Because of this the library is following OGC conventions loosely, not
>> strictly. All algorithms are implemented as standalone functions, instead of
>> methods on geometries. Nevertheless, OGC conventions, names and meanings are
>> followed as much as possible. Not all OGC algorithms are already
>> implemented. On the other hand the library offers other things such as
>> distance calculations over the globe.
> What algorithms *are* implemented? I see that buffer exists, but only
> for boxes. (!)
> P
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