[OSGeo-Discuss] Generic Geometry Library (ggl)

Barend Gehrels barend.gehrels at geodan.nl
Sat Feb 21 06:02:47 PST 2009

Hi Mateusz,

> What's the point about publishing "my engine is so cool, see how well it
> performs in comparison to, err...to everything".

It was not the intention to publish something like that.

The library we developed has another approach than most libraries being
out there. It is a library like the std:: library and the boost::
libraries are. It is header only, users can use the pieces they are
interested in, either a very small part such as just the distance
between two points, or a larger part such as a simplify operation on a
std::vector of points. This is the "header-only", generic approach with
"static polymorphism".
One reason to use that approach is the performance gain you get (more by
approach than by the specific implementation) and that was the purpose
of those graphs.

> Why don't you wait with publishing performance page until you are ready to
> publish complete benchmark results with named competitors?

Right, I've changed the page, leaving out the benchmark, thanks.

Regards, Barend

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