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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
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2009/1/23 Judy and Chris Beaudette <jcbeaude at yahoo.com>:
> greetings.
> my company is developing a demo that queries tabular data for environmental
> facilities based on environmental interests, NAICS codes, etc. and generates
> reports that have embedded simple maps (google maps) with the facility
> location and some facility details in a custom marker.  we want to embellish
> the maps by pulling data from different sources as follows:
>    - environmental tabular/attribute data in xml fed from Web services
>    - GeoRSS with location data from the same Web services
>    - spatial data from other WMS, WFS, WCS services
> to that end, we're looking for an appropriate open source GIS client
> application that can do the OGC stuff and that we can pass the attribute and
> GeoRSS stuff for rendering the environmental data.
> those are the gotta-haves.  the nice-to-haves are:
>    - .NET or C/C++ API (preferred) or Java API, so that the maps can be
> embedded in a desktop application, but barring that:
>    - a Web API (HTML, python, php, etc.), and barring that:
>    - a desktop client that can be invoked from our app that can do all of
> the above
> after browsing the products pages at osgeo.org, opengeospatial.org,
> opensourcegis.org and freegis.org, the names that kept coming up were gvSIG,
> iGeoPortal, and maybe uDIG, with various other possibilities (cartoweb,
> GeoDango, Chameleon, Mapfish, and of course many others).
> does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on what would:
>    - work best to support the functionality required in the demo, while at
> the same time (and to a lesser degree):
>    - what is a viable long-term solution (i.e. not likely to go away any
> time soon)
> thanks in advance,
> ~~crb

QGIS (http://qgis.org) is probably a good fit for your needs - we have
an API that can be used from Python or C++. It doesnt have everything
you need (e.g. GeoRSS support isnt there) but its a great solution for
writing vertical applications with embedded GIS data browsing



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