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Ok, I'll try. Please  note that it doesn't reflect any of my opinion !
Here is the excerpt :

The interview begins with Christen Krogh explaining everything is going
very fine for Opera, despite the financial crisis, that they should grow
of 35 to 50 % this year, and that their browser is spread wide on many
platforms from mobile phones to Wii and Gameboy DSi...

Question : Don't you fear competition from OpenSource web browsers like
Firefox or Webkit, used by Apple, Google and Palm ?

Answer : Not really. OpenSource is unable to create a quality web
browser or even to innovate as fast as we do. Our success upon mobile
phones constructors and operators, and many others, is the proof. And
this in spite of we are asking money for our browser ! If firefox or
webkit, which is in reality controlled by Apple, were technically
superior, I am certain that constructors would have shift.

Question : Though, on the desktop, Opera has a ridiculous market share
compared to IE, Firefox or even Apple Safari...

Answer : It's true in the US, but not in Russia and many East-Europe
countries where we are number 1. IE and Safari success is explained by
Microsoft and Apple fire power. We, we have to fight to have our browser
on a PC.

Hope it helps


RAVI KUMAR a écrit :
> Hi,
> do you by any chance mean that the Open Source Browsers like Firefox are not good enough. Please elaborate, and any information may kindly be translated to English, even an abstract of the interview in French.
> Cheers
> Ravi Kumar
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>> in a wider range, you may add that one, from  Christen
>> Krogh, Opera's CTO :
>> "Open Source is unable to build a good web
>> browser" (full interview in
>> french :
>> http://www.lexpansion.com/economie/actualite-high-tech/opera-l-open-source-n-est-pas-capable-de-creer-un-navigateur-web-de-qualite_172911.html?xtor=RSS-128)
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