[OSGeo-Discuss] Using GPL for geospatial software in a commercial application.

Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Tue Jul 14 16:12:14 PDT 2009

I'm working on a group of AutoLISP scripts for IntelliCAD and AutoCAD
that increase cooperation between these CAD programs and FOSS GIS
software. (For example: One set of my scripts allows CAD users to export
drawing geometry in OGC WKT format.)


I'd like to release these scripts under Version 3 of the GPL, but I'm
not sure if this is possible. The scripts are read by proprietary CAD
programs, and I don't have the power to release the code for these
programs under the GPL.


Must I use something like the LGPL or another non-viral license? I've
never written open source code utilized by a proprietary program in this
way, but I'm hoping some of you have dealt with this issue before.


Thanks for any suggestions.




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