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Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Mar 2 11:50:40 PST 2009


Thought this might be of interest to many of you. I was asked to be  
guest editor for the geospatial edition of the Open Source Business  
Resource monthly journal.

A big thank you to Paul Ramsey, Tyler Mitchell, Mark Lucas, Scott  
Bortman, Andrew Ross, Haris Kurtagic and Geoff Zeiss for their  
contributions to this effort. Some excellent papers that provide a  
great perspective on the OSGeo world.

You can follow the links in the announcement to go to the website, or  
you can get the PDF directly here:



Dave McIlhagga

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> From: Dru Lavigne <dru at osbr.ca>
> Date: March 2, 2009 1:31:49 PM GMT-05:00
> To: Dru Lavigne <dru at osbr.ca>
> Subject: March Issue of OSBR Available
> Readers:
> The March issue of the Open Source Business Resource is now  
> available in
> HTML and PDF formats at http://www.osbr.ca/ojs/index.php/osbr/issue/view/83 
> .
> The theme this month is "Geospatial" and the articles and authors  
> include:
> Paul Ramsay, a Senior Consultant with OpenGeo, examines how  
> geospatial open
> source provides an example of the market challenges of a mid-sized  
> vertical
> market.
> Tyler Mitchell, Executive Director of the Open Source Geospatial
> Foundation, discusses the factors needed to get open source geospatial
> products into the hands of users, the value of marketing open source
> projects, and the advantages provided by an open source ecoystem.
> Mark Lucas, a principal scientist at RadiantBlue Technologies Inc.,  
> and
> Scott Bortman, system architect and primary developer for the OMAR web
> processing system, introduce the OMAR web based system for archival,
> retrieval, processing, and distribution of geospatial assets.
> Andrew Ross, a Director within the Engineering team at Ingres,  
> provides a
> primer on geospatial technology and discusses some of the lessons  
> learned
> from Ingres' geospatial open source project.
> Haris Kurtagic, General Manager and Founder of SL-King, and Geoff  
> Zeiss,
> Director of Technology at Autodesk, introduce a standards-based  
> framework
> for providing geospatial web services.
> The editorial theme for the upcoming April issue of the OSBR is  
> "Open APIs"
> and the guest editor will be Michael Weiss from Carleton University.  
> Contact
> me if you're interested in a submission.
> Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,
> Dru Lavigne
> Editor, Open Source Business Resource
> http://www.osbr.ca
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Open Source Business Resource
> http://www.osbr.ca/ojs/index.php/osbr

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