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My favorite line from the patent application: 

"The many features and advantages of the present invention are apparent
from the written description. Further, since numerous modifications and
changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, the invention
should not be limited to the exact construction and operation as
illustrated and described. Hence, all suitable modifications and
equivalents may be resorted to as falling within the scope of the

It sounds like there are talking about some pretty fundamental ideas in
the patent. Still, this is a rather cutting edge area of technology, so
maybe this hasn't been done before?

Still, it sounds like trying to patent the first drive-through
restaurant. Don't know that there is a huge amount of innovation going
on here.

I'd think other companies interested in mobile applications (like Google
and Microsoft) would be all over this patent application.

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Hmmm - this demands closer inspection.

"United States Patent Application 20090063293, entitled Dynamic 
Presentation of Location-Specific Information, seeks to patent "improved

approaches to allow a portable electronic device to dynamically present 
location-specific information while the portable electronic device is at

a predetermined location... In one embodiment, the portable electronic 
device has a display that can display the location-specific information 
and has wireless capabilities for use in receiving the location-specific

information from the server. The location-specific information can, for 
example, augment other information that is to be presented on the 
display. In one embodiment, the location-specific information can be 
information pertaining to a media item being played in an establishment,

such as a store, where the portable electronic device is located."

[ full patent text here: http://bit.ly/wYHme ]


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