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Landon Blake lblake at ksninc.com
Mon Mar 23 14:58:02 PDT 2009

When the original post went around I didn't mention that the Google SoC
student at OpenJUMP last year implemented part of a TIN library in Java,
which, like OpenJUMP is released under the GPL.

I didn't mention it because most of the conversation seemed to be
focused on code in the C Programming Language.

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Following up on my post, for anyone interested: the news isn't good.

Most of the responses I got were pointers to Isenburg's and Shewchuck's
work, such as

I did know about these, and they are indeed good stuffs, but folks
should be aware that they are *not* open source libraries.  A lot of
people think their work is "free" but to the best of my knowledge it is
not.  (Triangle is "copyrighted by the author and may not be sold or
included in commercial products without a license"; Isenburg's code has
the copyright assigned to him with no accompanying BSD-like or GPL-like

I also was given pointers to..

  * FIST (http://www.cosy.sbg.ac.at/~held/projects/triang/triang.html),
but the web page explicitly says "FIST has not been released into the
public domain" (by which I assume they mean copyleft).

which is under GPL

  * TerraLib
, which is under LGPL

  * Sexante
/unex/sextante/vectorTools/) which is also GPL

Finally, Ben Discoe has a site
(http://vterrain.org/Implementation/Libs/triangulate.html) listing a
bunch of links that I've not yet dug into.  I'm hoping to find something
in there I can use.

If anyone has any other suggestions, or is aware of inaccuracies in my
above statements, pls let me know.



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Subject: Open source TIN code?

The Community has need of BSD-licensed source code for TIN generation
(in 3-space).  It doesn't have to be "really good", just good enough for
some simple demo apps (for example, full-on Delauney support not

I know there are a bunch of TIN algs out there on the net in various
places, but I don't have much experience with any of them.  If anyone
has any pointers, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks --


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