[OSGeo-Discuss] Other Google Summer of Code 2009 GIS Opportunities with Sahana

David William Bitner david.bitner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 13:35:40 PDT 2009

As most of you are aware, OSGeo is participating in the Google Summer of
Code this year.  In addition to the ideas for Open Source GIS development
working directly with OSGeo projects, I wanted to point out the Sahana
project which incorporates integration with OSGeo projects such as MapServer
and OpenLayers.

Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system. It is a web
based collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems
during emergencies and disasters. It provides capabilities such as:

   - finding missing people
   - managing aid
   - managing volunteers
   - tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society
   (NGOs) and the victims themselves.

Many of these functionalities can be greatly improved through the
integration of locational information.

To see some of the ideas that exist under Sahana for GIS work, please take a
look at the Sahana GSoC ideas list:

Please address the Sahana development mailing list (link in the wiki page)
or #sahana on irc.freenode.net or myself if you have any questions about GIS
opportunities with Sahana.


David William Bitner
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