[OSGeo-Discuss] Re: FOSS4G Workshops and Tutorials Selected

Mark Leslie mark.leslie at lisasoft.com
Mon Mar 30 03:29:17 PDT 2009

It is my pleasure to end the speculation on tutorials and workshops for 
FOSS4G in October.  While the full descriptions won't be published until 
closer to the opening of registration, here is the final list:


A Friendly Hands-on Survey of Popular Geospaital Services
   -- Jody Garnett, Mark Leslie, and Andrea Antonello

Delivering data using published application schemas
   -- Rob Atkinson, Ben Caradoc-Davies

Getting Started with MapWindow: An easy-to-install, easy-to-use free GIS 
for Windows
   -- Dan Ames and Ted Dunsford

How to Cope with GeoSpatial - Intro to GeoTools for the Java Developer
   -- Jody Garnett and Michael Bedward

Introduction to deegree iGeoDesktop
   -- Hanko Rubach

Leveraging OGC Services with GeoExt
   -- Andreas Hocevar

Making Maps Fast - Performance tuning and Tile Caching
   -- Arne Kepp and Jim Groffen

Making Maps Pretty with Style Layer Descriptor
   -- Andrea Aime and Jim Groffen

Protecting OGC Web Services with the 52°North Security System
   -- Jan Drewnak

Sensor Web Enablement - Bringing Sensors into SDIs
   -- Arne Broering, Simon Jirka, Christoph Stasch, and Thomas Everding

Using ILWIS with its PostGIS plug-in for raster-vector applications
   -- Rob Lemmens

Working with GRASS-GIS Vectors and Databases
   -- Richard Chirgwin


Getting Started with MapServer
   -- Jeff McKenna, Tyler Mitchell, and Pericles Nacionales

Geospatial BI with FOSS: an introduction to GeoMondrian and Spatialytics
   -- Thierry Badard and Etienne Dubé

Introduction to PostGIS
   -- Mark Leslie and Paul Ramsey

Introduction to the Open Geo-Stack: PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache,
and OpenLayers
   -- Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime, Paul Ramsey, and Tim Schaub

Making Maps Fast - Performance tuning and Tile Caching
   -- Arne Kepp and Jim Groffen

OpenLayers - Your Foundation for Browser Based Mapping
   -- Tim Schaub and Roald de Wit

Organising your geospatial data and services using GeoNetwork opensource
   -- Jeroen Ticheler and François Prunayre

Practical Introduction to GRASS and related software for beginners
   -- Paolo Zatelli, Marco Ciolli, and Clara Tattoni

Practical introduction to MapFish, the web 2.0 mapping application
   -- Claude Philipona, Cédric Moullet, Frédéric Junod, and Eric Lemoine

Working with GeoServer
   -- Justin Deoliveira and Andrea Aime

Mark Leslie
Workshop Committee Chairman, 2009

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