[OSGeo-Discuss] top 3 accomplishments for 2009 for FOSS "infomobility" solutions/applications.... ?

andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 13:20:58 PDT 2009

Hi -

next week we (Italian local chapter) will be providing a short presentation
on free geographic information at a major conference on (FYI this is

the aim of our presentation is to provide some grassroots ideas on free
(geographic) software and data....there's never enough of that, once you
wade out of these mailing lists...

we have been providing a similar presentation in the previous editions of
the event.

for this year's edition, I would like to run a quick poll: what would you
say are the top 3 accomplishments for 2009 in the field of positioning
systems, location-based applications, applications for logistics, road and
transportation data, routing algorithms, and the like (anything under the
"infomobility" hat)

I'd be curious to learn about impressions by the list, which we can then use
for anecdotical purposes.

TIA for your feedback, and regards

Andrea Giacomelli

NB: I am not counting OpenStreetMap and the growth of the OMS planet in this
picture: the growth of OSM is as big and as cool as it can be - and we're
keeping a special slot for that....however if you see OUTSTANDING
applications built on top of OSM, that might still be of interest.
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