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Miguel Montesinos mmontesinos at prodevelop.es
Thu Oct 8 03:05:34 PDT 2009


As an example, we built a routing service for tourism pruposes using
only FOSS. Components were these:

- DB PostGIS
- Routing service: Customization of gvSIG routing capabilities adapted
for running on Java EE container (Tomcat).
- Interface: Web service
- Client: 2 clients:
  * Web client, open-layers based
  * Mobile client: Java CLDC brand new app.

We had to use our own routing service, as we were using public
administration official cartography, with tourist info.

The routing service had the following capabilities:

- Point to point calculation (fastest path)
- TSP (Travel Salesman Problem)
- On foot / car transport method
- Tourist places near to the route just calculated
- Route instructions (e.g. trun right on ...)

Here you can have a look at the web client [1], sorry it's only in
Spanish, but easy to understand (I suppose). Here you have a
presentation [2] we made about the mobile side in the Spanish Free GIS
days (like our national FOSS4G). It's only in Spanish but you have some
slides with architectures components that can give you extra details.

Everything developed is GPL, but our customer has to publish source code
in its official forge and it's a pending task. Nevertheless if you need
some code, just ask.

[1] http://www.turismoextremadura.com/PINTUREX/live/PV.html 



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> Folks,
> May I kindly ask for a bit of brainstorming about
> available and programmatically callable,
> optionally usable,
> optionally effective,
> optionally robust
> solutions of remote routing services?
> The use case is very simple:
> 1) client is a non-Web thin client
> 2) client has access to the Internet
> 3) client knows two locations "start" and "destination"
> 4) client wants to know how to travel from start to destination
> What are available options to achieve that? Where if availability
> * accessible for public
> * free of charge
> * does not require to sign anything,
> Custom solutions built on OGC-enabled stack (e.g. PyWPS, etc.) is also
> an option to discuss.
> Any input greatly appreciated.
> Best regards,
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