[OSGeo-Discuss] code sprint before or after the conference

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Sat Oct 24 13:08:55 PDT 2009

Pick your poison. Before, people are jet lagged and worrying about
their talks. After, people are tired and worn out. I would continue to
go with a one-day event after. One day is good for sitting down and
talking, less good for coding, but the communication is really

At the 4-day sprint in Toronto, day 1 was mostly used for talking. I
think if you want an event that turns out lots of new/fixed code, you
need more time, and more fresh people, which means logistically tying
it to FOSS4G is never going to be a great idea. Bolsena, Toronto,
those are the models that seem to work.


On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 4:01 PM, Andrea Aime <aaime at opengeo.org> wrote:
> Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) ha scritto:
>> Hi list,
>> today I was at the code sprint in Sydney, and after a whole week of
>> conference with the associated beers and late nights, nothing much
>> productive came out of me unfortunately, which was to be expected.
>> So for next year in Barcelona, I would really appreciate it if the code
>> sprint code would be *before* the conference starts.
>> How do other people feel about this?
> I have the impression the developers that are also giving presentations
> or workshops will spend the sprint on conference related stuff ;-)
> I for one have been able to make something today, but I wouldn't
> have been able to participate at all before the conference.
> Hard to get all people working no matter what the date chosen is I guess,
> you'll loose someone anyways.... I guess we can try to guess
> what option provides the least damage? Maybe we can ask people
> around what option they would have preferred.
> My money is on the sprint after, since I usually have workshops
> and presentations to care for. But that is just me. You'd prefer
> to have it before.
> What about the others?
> Cheers
> Andrea
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