[OSGeo-Discuss] Need recommendation: Base map + WKTs to JPG

Clark Woodward cwoodward at redzonesoftware.com
Thu Oct 29 09:06:04 PDT 2009

I am looking for recommendations the Open Source community for the following
application. Currently I have an OpenLayers map that is dynamically
generated with a Google base map and 3 WKT polygons with styles applied. All
layers are projected as Spherical Mercator. I programmatically execute the
map and scrape the map to a JPG image. This map is called from another
application and there is no user interaction; everything is automated. 


Since OpenLayers is drawing within the browser and is not intended to be
captured and saved, my current approach isn't working very well.  If anyone
has an alternate approach, I would very much appreciate hearing your ideas. 


My requirements are 

1.	Display Google base map
2.	Support WKT
3.	Support custom symbology
4.	Export to JPG (or other image format) programmatically









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